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Notre vision Contribuer à l’amélioration de la santé de la reproduction, notamment celle de la mère et de l’enfant au Burkina Faso et dans la sous–région ouest Africaine. Nos missions Servir de guide opérationnel pour l’action aux structures, instituts, organisations intervenant dans le domaine de la santé de la reproduction ; Servir de cadre (...)

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Describing safe motherhood programs for priority setting : The case of Burkina Faso


Hounton SH, Meda N, Hussein J, Sombie I, Conombo G, Graham WJ. Describing safe motherhood programs for priority setting : The case of Burkina Faso. Int J Gynaecol Obstet. 2005 Oct ; 91(1):97-104.


Objective : This study was implemented to describe safe motherhood programs in Burkina Faso for planning and programming purposes. Methods : Twenty safe motherhood programs were described from November 2003 through May 2004 using a structured questionnaire, interviews with safe motherhood program managers and document reviews. Results : Only 2 of the 20 programs were designed to improve the availability of comprehensive emergency obstetric care, and only 2 comprehensively addressed all components of skilled attendance at delivery. Other gaps identified included poor availability of baseline data, few monitoring measures, and lack of planning for evaluation needs. National geographical coverage was also uneven. Conclusion : A systematic overview of safe motherhood programs in a country can help to set priorities and aid in decision making for the allocation of resources towards contextually relevant strategies to curtail maternal mortality and severe morbidity. Planning for program design and evaluation may also be aided by such a process.

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RESEARCH ARTICLE Prevalence of and Factors Associated with Human Cysticercosis in 60 Villages in Three Provinces of Burkina Faso

Hélène Carabin1*, Athanase Millogo2, Assana Cissé3, Sarah Gabriël4, Ida Sahlu5,6, Pierre Dorny4, Cici Bauer7, Zekiba Tarnagda8, Linda D Cowan1†, (...)

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RESEARCH ARTICLE :The obstetric care subsidy policy in Burkina Faso : what are the effects after five years of implementation ? Findings of a complex evaluation

Rasmané Ganaba1*, Patrick G. C. Ilboudo1, Jenny A. Cresswell2, Maurice Yaogo1, Cheick Omar Diallo3, Fabienne Richard4, Nadia Cunden5, Veronique (...)

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